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Close Air Support


TACP Flash and Crest
What is a Romad?
School House

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 Here are two Operator.the one on the left is looking through a device called a SOFLAM. This is a LASER Target Designator/LASER Range Finder. This tool is very helpful in helping the aircraft locate the target and put bombs on the correct target.


This is called a SOFLAM

 Another integral part of enhancing the TACP’s capabilities is the new Mark VII Eyesafe Laser Range Finder. The laser range finder, which looks like a regular pair of binoculars, provides accurate distance measuring and location information on whatever target is in the operators field of view. Previously, the TACPs can only estimate the range to a target. With the laser range finder, they will look through the range finder at a target, which will emit a laser beam onto the target. The beam immediately bounces back and provides the exact coordinates of the target, which are relayed up to the pilot. The contract with Litton Laser Systems of Apopka, Fla., provides for 184 units to be built at a cost of $9 million. The first unit was delivered in March, 2002.

Tools of the Trade

In trying to paint targets for the aircraft, we must have special tools to do this.